Work it, girlfriend

Here are some exercises that will work your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles, but remember, don’t be limited by what you read. The best way to use your egg is exactly how you want to, so experiment and have fun.

Kegel exercises – contracting your pelvic muscles.

You can perform your pelvic floor exercises either lying down, standing up or in the Horse Stance (see below). Remember, it’s just as important to relax the muscles as it is to contract them. Use the same muscles that you would use to stop the flow of urine. You should feel the pelvic muscles squeezing your urethra and anus. If your stomach or buttocks is flexing you are not using the right muscles. A good way to test is, before inserting the egg, insert your finger(s) and experiment with flexing your pelvic muscles. When you feel your vagina tighten slightly around your finger(s) you are using the correct muscle group.

Kegels are famous for being one of the only exercises you can literally do anywhere. Do a set of reps while you’re waiting for the bus, sitting in traffic, watching your kid play softball, or reading a book.

horse stanceHorse Stance – Brought to you by Tao and Kung Fu.

Insert the jade egg and stand with your feet shoulders’ width apart and firmly grounded. Your ankles and knees should be bent and your neck and shoulders aligned. As you get stronger, lower yourself down and try to make two right angles with your bent knees. Elevate your arms in front of you to a 45-degree angle with your palms facing upward and clench your fists, or put your palms together like the dude in the photo. Horse Stance concentrates power into your loin region, and will intensify vaginal muscle workouts to include more muscles in the area. This is a very powerful pose so be sure to consciously relax your vaginal muscles after each rep.

Isolate different muscle groups – move the egg up and down in the vaginal canal.

three section vaginaThere are three distinct muscle groups in the vaginal canal that, with practice, you will be able to individually control. The first group consists of the muscles close to the opening of the vagina. Doing Kegels works out this group. The second group is the “top” of the vagina, the space by the cervix. This area is very much the inside of you, so working with this muscle group offers a rare and valuable opportunity to affect parts of you that are difficult to reach: the organs in the lower abdomen, along with the cervix, uterus and ovaries. The third group is the middle part or canal of the vagina.

After learning how to differentiate between the three vaginal muscle groups you will be able to practice moving the egg up and down your vagina. To start out, it’s not necessarily important to use hard muscle contractions. You might imagine yourself “swallowing” your egg. More experienced egg users can use two eggs, moving them in opposite directions until they hit each other.

Vaginal Weightlifting
– Next stop, Amsterdam.

Kim Anami
That’s Kim Anami doing her thing. See below.

Stand normally or in Horse Stance and lift the egg inside with a string attached. Simply tugging on the string dangling out of the vagina will create a counterweight and help you really feel the power of the vaginal muscles. Practice holding the egg with each of the three muscle groups while you pull the string taught. You can also tie sandbags or other light weights to the string.

Please go to the below websites for more information about vaginal weightlifting and its benefits.

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Saida Desilets

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