A by-no-means-complete list of the benefits of regularly using a jade egg

Strengthens the vagina, womb, bladder, pelvic floor and lower abdomen. This also improves your posture!

Increases vaginal sensitivity and lubrication for a fuller, more stimulating sex life (for all parties). Beyond the idea of “tightening the vagina”, is the notion of having a truly incredible sex life. Both sensitivity and lubrication are caused by the increase in blood flow, a basic result of exercising muscles. And more than that, exercising your vaginal muscles with the egg will make you realize you have this incredibly sensitive and versatile organ that is capable of so much more than you have been lead to believe. Honestly.

teen blackDevelops a healthy awareness of your own body. Sexual anxieties are often caused by a lack of familiarity with the vagina. Feeling the egg inside of you will help you realize that your vagina’s not an endless dark hole that leads to some mysterious place—even though it’s that too. But more simply the vagina is a muscle, and understanding this makes the whole thing a lot more approachable. An increased physical awareness of the area will make you more aware of sex, more “in tune” with your physical body, and therefore more able to enjoy yourself.

Can be used as therapy—from sexually abused women, to women who just don’t feel sexual. Traumas and psychoses attached to sex and the vagina might be worked through by introducing a healthy activity you can do with your lady parts that isn’t bloody, painful or emotionally taxing.  Exercise is a therapy in itself, but relaxing muscles that carry damaging stress tension can do wonders for abuse victims. It can also awaken and revitalize a sexuality that may be dormant inside atrophied muscles. There is not one person in this world that is “not sexual”, and it’s never too late to reintroduce yourself to your own sexuality. Simply put, using a jade egg helps you develop a positive relationship to your lady parts.

Can be used by virgins to learn about intercourse and the vagina in a sex-free environment. Something for Auntie to help with.

pregnant woman blackDecreases menstrual cramps, and the frequency of UTIs and yeast infections. Exercising muscles relieves the tension that may be what’s causing cramps, and a increased blood flow will make you less susceptible to disease.

Can help with fertility issues and problems conceiving. Restoring health and strength to the womb can be a powerful fertility tool.

Postpartum women can use jade eggs as a form of physical therapy to rebuild the birth canal. Keeps the mommies slim and trim inside and out. Consult your doctor or midwife.

WebIncreases natural lubrication for menopausal women. As mentioned before, more blood flow and a general stimulation of the area will increase lubrication. Other complications of menopause are also lessened by using a jade egg. To flip an old proverb on its head: “If you use it you don’t lose it.”

Helps with urinary incontinence and prevents a prolapsed uterus. These two common issues are just some of the symptoms of what is called Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD). This happens when the pelvic floor has become weak because of disuse, or stretched and tight because of misplaced tension. Using a jade egg to both work out and massage weak or tense pelvic floor muscles has proven to help with PFD and its symptoms.

I do pelvic floor exercises already, why do I need a jade egg?

pelvic-floor-muscle-diagramPelvic floor exercises (contracting your “peeing” muscles) strengthen and tighten the collection of muscles that make up the pelvic floor, which control and support the organs in the lower abdomen.

Using a jade egg not only works out the pelvic floor, but it brings awareness to hard-to-reach muscles inside the lower abdomen, including the upper vagina and womb. This strengthens muscles, but more importantly it also increases dexterity and suppleness, which are integral for keeping the vagina soft and pliable. Over-strengthened and tense lady parts can cause equally as many problems as weak ones.

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