Never used a yoni egg? Start here.

Pick the right size.

Small, medium and large.

Generally eggs come in small (2x3cm), medium (3x4cm), and large (4x5cm). The vagina being as adaptable as it is, most woman will be able to fit all sizes easily into their vagina.

Larger eggs are just that, large and heavy. Despite the heaviness, the girth of the egg is easier to grab onto, and the massage-effect of the egg moving up and down in your vagina will be greater. However, the bulky size and weight will limit your dexterity training. We recommend large eggs for women who have recently given birth, or women who feel their muscles are very weak because of age or surgery. If the idea of flexing your vaginal muscles makes you uncomfortable, this larger egg will help stimulate the area and help you to familiarize yourself with your own body.

Small eggs are difficult to maneuver because they require an advanced level of muscle control. They should be used by more experienced jade egg users. They are also good for adolescents and virgins.

Like Goldilocks, most women will find that the medium-sized egg is just right. It may fall out at the beginning, but with a little patience (and a sense of humor), you will find that your body will adapt nicely to this size.

Of course, having a complete set is another option: starting with the large egg and working your way down to the small. Example: I use a medium egg most of the time, but sometimes I feel like lugging around the large one just because that’s the kind of day it is.

The important thing is to feel good about your egg practice. If something doesn’t feel right, drop us a line and we’ll see if we can help set it right!

String Theory

For sanitation purposes, it’s best to throw away the string after dental flosseach use. Dental floss is the easiest string to use because it’s thin, disposable, strong, sterile and widely available. If you are into the natural thing, cotton, silk or hemp strings are also great options.

The string is a good aide to help beginners take their egg out. After using the egg for a certain time, most women will prefer to push out (or lay) the egg without the help of a string. The string can then be used for weight training, or what is called Vaginal Kung Fu. Go to our exercises page for more information.

Egg Care: 

The interlocking crystalline structure of the jade makes it so the stone has a smooth surface with very few pores. This deters bacteria from building up on the stone, and makes it easier to clean.

DSC03197Our vaginae have very advanced self-cleaning systems that control the acidity and bacteria levels to maintain a healthy balance. It is important to clean the egg before you insert it inside yourself, but it is unnecessary to sterilized it every single time. Many jade egg users simply wash their egg before and after use with organic soap and water (make sure you clean the hole), and only sterilize about every week or so.

Many sterilization processes can be aggressive, including boiling, steaming, or the use of harsh chemicals. We do not recommend any of these. Possible residue from harsh chemicals will affect the delicate balance of the natural flora in the vagina; where as boiling or steaming will damage the internal structure of the jade over time, weakening the natural qualities of the stone.

We’ve included below some natural ways to sterilize your egg.

Soak your egg in a solution of diluted tea tree oil, grapefruit seed extract or vinegar. Be sure to clean the egg with organic soap before use. Although these products are natural, they are powerful anti-bacterial agents and can disturb the natural flora in the vagina.

Another option is to wipe your egg down with alcohol (whiskey or vodka work great), but remember to rinse the egg afterwards. The vagina can absorb any residual alcohol and can unexpectedly intoxicate the user.

Note: Many ladies don’t used their yoni egg while menstruating. This time can be used to soak and sterilize your egg.

egg on a string upside down
Insert the egg skinny side down

OK. I got my egg. So how do I…

Putting your egg in is very easy. Simply tie a string or piece of dental floss through the hole (make sure it’s plenty long) and insert the egg, skinny side down. If you want, you can warm you egg up in your hands first, and use a little lubricant to help it slip in comfortably.

Using the egg for the first time can be a little intimidating, and even scary. But once you start, it will get easier and easier. You may even get to the point where you look forward to wearing it!

To take the egg out, gently pull on the string. Without the string, use your vaginal muscles to push out—or birth—the egg. This is a very interesting exercise for women (or girls) who have not had a child.

Have questions? We’ve got a Facebook Group for all of us to share experiences.

Wearing your egg – make a day of it.

For beginners I recommend starting with the most basic practice of wearing your egg for a couple of hours, or all day long if you’re comfortable. This will bring your awareness to your nethers and allow you to get used to using the egg. Try to take note of how the egg feels in your body. This way you can develop your own personal practice based on your specific needs and issues.

Tip 1: Yes, the egg will fall out. Yes, it may fall out at an inconvenient moment. Take it as an opportunity to improve your social skills. Then start working out those muscles! With regular use that egg will stay put sooner than you think.

Tip 2: The egg cannot get lost in the vagina, which is a good thing to learn if you didn’t know that already. It can, however, get stuck. Usually this means that the egg is lodged up around the cervix, or the bottom of the uterus. If you have a string tied around it, a good gentle pull will set the egg free. If you don’t have a string and it makes you uncomfortable to reach up there and get it out, there are a few tricks you can try to help push it out. Sometimes a good hardy laugh will relax you enough to dislodge the egg. Most exercise and even simply walking can bring the egg closer to the vaginal opening. Another more direct way is to get on all fours, relax your muscles and give a few pelvic thrusts (I wouldn’t do this in front of the dinner guests). Jade eggs can be safely worn for several days so don’t panic if nothing seems to work. Worst comes to worst, make an appointment with your gynecologist.

egg toiletteTip 3: If you wear your egg all day you will at some point have to go to the bathroom. This puts you in high risk of accidentally pushing your egg out, and it falling in the toilette. The most common reason for this is forgetting it’s in. Write yourself notes, set alarms, tie a string around your finger, whatever you need to do to remember you’ve got your egg in. While using the bathroom don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Especially at the beginning when you still can’t control specific muscles, you will need the extra assistance keeping the egg in. Washing a dirty hand is infinitely better than fishing your egg out of the toilette.

Nothing says woman better than multi-tasking! Here are some good moments in the day to workout your nethers that won’t cut into your busy schedule.vacuum

Practice your ke-egg-els while in the shower or doing house chores.

Wear your egg while doing yoga, jogging or other exercises. *Be extra attentive to clench those pelvic muscles when kicking. I almost had an incident in my karate class.

Wear it to work and be eggs-tra productive!

Some women wear their jade egg while having sex! Why not?

Dance like Elvis the Pelvis. Turn the stereo up and dance in your living room. Or wear your egg out on a Saturday night. I would bet that Elvis did not have pelvic floor issues.

Go here for more exercise ideas.


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