Recommended Three-Month Treatment Schedule

*Obsidian is a potentially powerful stone, please use with caution. Discuss with a healthcare provider before use.

The following are instructions for a complete three-month treatment using the obsidian egg. This information is a general guide that we have compiled from various sources. 

Run cold water over the egg before and after use.

The small point of the egg represents the root and should point down toward the Earth when inserted.

It’s better to wean your way into obsidian treatments so start slow.

The first night wear the egg for 2 hours and then take it out.

The second night wear the egg for 4 hours and then take it out.

The third night and for the rest of the treatment wear the egg all night and take it out in the morning.

Use the egg for six nights and withhold it the seventh night of the week.

Use the egg for three weeks and withhold it the fourth week of the month (usually during menstruation).

The egg is withheld the seventh day of the week and the forth week of the month to prevent excessive “wearing” of the chakras.

Continue this process for three months.

After the three-month treatment, a take a full month without using the egg. The treatment can then be repeated as needed, whether an ailment is present or not.

Things to Note

If you for some reason can’t follow the exact schedule, don’t sweat. In the end, it’s better to follow the natural flow of your body and your life.

The egg is not perforated, therefore it needs to be pushed out. It is important not to rush pushing it out; allow the weight of the egg to help you. Relax and become aware of the muscles in the vagina as the eggs slips out (see our Jade Eggs for more information on vagina muscles). If the egg doesn’t come out immediately it may still be doing some profound work. Relax… It will ease out eventually.

Cleaning and Caring for Your Egg

The lack of crystalline structure in the obsidian makes it so the stone has a smooth mirror surface. This deters bacteria from building up on the stone, and makes it easier to clean.

Our vaginae have very advanced self-cleaning systems that control the acidity and bacteria levels to maintain a healthy balance. It is important to clean the egg before you insert it inside yourself, but it is unnecessary to sterilized it every single time. Many obsidian egg users simply wash their egg before and after use with organic soap and water, and only sterilize about every week or so.

Many sterilization processes can be aggressive, including boiling, steaming, or the use of harsh chemicals. We do not recommend any of these. Possible residue from harsh chemicals will affect the delicate balance of the natural flora in the vagina; where as boiling or steaming will damage the structure of the obsidian over time, weakening the natural qualities of the stone.

We’ve included below some natural ways to sterilize your egg.

Soak your egg in a solution of diluted tea tree oil, grapefruit seed extract or vinegar. Be sure to clean the egg with organic soap before use. Although these products are natural, they are powerful anti-bacterial agents and can disturb the natural flora in the vagina.

Another option is to wipe your egg down with alcohol (whiskey or vodka work great), but remember to rinse the egg afterwards. The vagina can absorb any residual alcohol and can unexpectedly intoxicate the user.

Energetic cleanse:

Obsidian is claimed to soak up bad energy, which will eventually turn it into a black bad-energy bomb. But it’s easy to clear this energy away:full moon

Dilute some sea salt in fresh water. It’s best to use a clear, transparent bowl without any design.


Place the egg outside under the new or full moon.

Note: Many ladies don’t used their yoni egg while menstruating. This time can be used to soak and sterilize your egg.

A Word of Caution

Stop using the egg if there is any bleeding or cramping.