Getting to the root of it…


Obsidian and Sacred Healing

Throughout human history, obsidian has always held physical and metaphysical qualities that have gained it a strong reputation in sacred healing. Noted as a stone of truth and psychic potential, it helps reveal the truth within situations, oneself, and other people. Simultaneously, obsidian grounds and protects, helping to liberate negative energy, which it then absorbs, transforms and reflects. This relationship with negative energy makes it essential to regularly clear obsidian in the new moon or with salt water (go here for more info).

Obsidian eggs can be used by women specifically to explore repressed or unconscious aspects of their feminine side. With its connection to the root chakra, and link between us and the Earth, it is ideal for working with sexual issues and clearing out deep and long-held beliefs that may be blocking life progress. With the right intentions, an obsidian yoni egg treatment could really get at the root of your problem.

Raw black obsidian

Not only can it help at the unconscious level, but it has be accredited as a treatment against a series of physical female ailments, several of which are a mystery to many doctors (fibroids and endometriosis for example). For those of you who don’t see hormone treatments or surgery as a viable option, the idea that obsidian clears negative or “crystallized” energy may strike a cord, soaking it up with its non-crystalline structure. Whatever the explanation, obsidian yoni egg treatments are natural, safe, inexpensive and easy.

Energetic Benefits of the Obsidian Egg

Cleans the entire energetic system including the chakras, nadis and meridians.

Connects the heart to the earth and sky.

Helps heal uterine fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, vaginitis, and other female reproductive organ diseases which are believed to be dense crystallized energy corresponding to the physical body.chakras

Helps heal pre/post menopausal physical and emotional difficulties.

Fortifies the electromagnetic field to strengthen physical and energetic potential.

Helps to support/recover self esteem.

Helps to clean out negative energy from previous sexual relationships obstructing current relationships.

Works with the internal belief system by helping the wearer to develop better clarity of identity, feelings and choices.

Unblocks dense energy between the head and sacrum.

Helps with all manner of energetic practices such as meditation, yoga, chanting, etc.

Fortifies individualism.

Promotes vivid dreams to clean the subconscious while sleeping.

Draws non-physical conflicts to the physical world to be resolved.